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Our Story

BIG Z's Chicago Pizza & Brew was founded by brothers Bob Zincoris and Tony Perry. Bob and Tony grew up on the South Side of Chicago with their mother Judith. Judy taught her boys how to cook at a young age. Judith herself grew up in the country and was taught to cook by her mother, dishes like Chicken-N- Dumplings, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Baked Mostaccioli, Goulash, various Soups all the way to Classic Potato Salad and Baked Beans. To this day, Mom still cooks and with her love has contributed to the many family recipes at BIG Z's Pizza House & Brew.

Now, Bob and Tony live and raise their children in the great state of Texas. But there is one thing they miss from their days living in Chicago…Chicago Pizza!!! Cooks Bob and Tony are bringing Chicago Neighborhood Pizza along with Famous Chicago Street Food to Katy, Texas!!! BIG Z's Pizza House & Brew is born!!!

At BIG Z's Pizza House & Brew bring your family in to get Thin Crust Chicago Neighborhood Square Cut Pizza or Classic Chicago Deep Dish…Have a Craft Beer and watch the game. Come on down and enjoy BIG Z's Famous Chicago Dipped Italian Beef Sandwich with Provolone and Sweet Peppers or Giardiniera. With BIG Z's Pizza House & Brew's full menu you can order online, call for delivery, pick up, dine in or sit at the bar and have a drink…Just remember at BIG Z's Pizza House & Brew you come for the pizza but stay for the food!!!